Innovation has been a tradition in our company for 80 years

Our motto for success: identifying opportunities and developing solutions in line with the market

Even in the early years following its foundation in 1929 by Hugo Vogelsang, the company reacted to the phenomena of mechanization and technical change with ingenuity, creativity and dynamic flair. Vogelsang rapidly become one of the most prominent manufacturers of agricultural tankers in North Germany. By 1954, the company had already produced 20,000 wooden barrels, an extraordinary production output at that time.

A key step forward: the invention of the rotary lobe pump

With progress being made in the area of tanker technology, the company founder's son, Helmut Vogelsang, developed a pumping technology that could be used in combination with a vehicle and that was suitable for application with viscous media and media containing fibers and foreign objects. He invented the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump and, in doing so, he laid the foundations for successful development in the field of mechanical engineering. This pump is the perfect solution to the requirements of intensive livestock farming and completely revolutionized the handling of liquid manure (slurry). With the introduction of pump manufacture into the company portfolio, Vogelsang consistently transformed itself into a mechanical engineering company. Just a short time afterwards, it was established that these pumps are not only suitable for use with tankers, but they are also highly effective at pumping other viscous media. And it just so happened that at this time other well-established pumping systems began to reach their performance limits.

From a humble workshop to a global mechanical engineering company

Over the decades, Vogelsang has tapped several new markets where the rotary lobe pump provides significant advantages. With the pump as its core product, Vogelsang has continuously developed innovations for the areas of maceration, spreading and disposal technology. The first international branch was opened in Denmark in 1988 – in the years that followed, a worldwide network of additional branches and subsidiaries was quickly built up. Over the course of 80 years, we have grown from a humble workshop into an internationally-established mechanical engineering company – a development that we are proud of.

Our history at a glance

  • 1929 Hugo Vogelsang opens a sawmill
  • 1960 Helmut Vogelsang assumes management of the company
  • 1965 Headquarters are relocated from Löningen-Bunnen to Essen (Oldenburg)
  • 1985 Maria Vogelsang-Verhülsdonk becomes the new Managing Director
  • 1988 Vogelsang Denmark
  • 1992 Hugo Vogelsang becomes a member of the Management Board
  • 1993 A branch is opened in Rothenschirmbach bei Halle
  • 1997 Harald Vogelsang becomes a member of the Management Board
  • 1999 Vogelsang USA Ltd.
  • 2003-2009 Foundation of 16 subsidiaries worldwide
  • 2009 Vogelsang celebrates its 80th anniversary