Vogelsang solid matter feeder:
Reliable digester feeding for efficient biogas production

Biogas technology needs to be secure and efficient at all times to enable cost-effective plant operation. Digester feeding plays a key role here. Wet feeding is the ideal form of solid matter feeding. For this reason, we have developed systems that add solid matter in mashed form to foster bacteria. This increases the gas yield and reduces the energy needed for mixing, stirring and pumping; it helps your plant to operate efficiently and economically.


  • All-purpose, suitable for many different cosubstrates
  • Shreds cosubstrates and treats them as required for processing
  • Foreign matter separated out upstream of the pump unit

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QuickMix II

  • Maximum gas yield thanks to best possible mashing
  • Reduced power consumptions
  • Suitable for a wide range of cosubstrates

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  • Combination of rotary lobe pump and RotaCut
  • Separates out foreign matter
  • Prepares organic suspensions cost-effectively

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  • Complete package for solid matter feeding from a single source
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Components ideally coordinated by PCU

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Advantages of Vogelsang solid matter feeders at a glance

  • Digester feeding with ideally mashed solid matter
  • Increased gas yield thanks to feeding that promotes bacteria
  • Less energy required for stirring and pumping