Radial wear plates and injection modules

Retrofittable, simple pump protector

To make Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps even easier to maintain and service, we developed wear plates made of extra-hardened steel to protect the pump housing against radial wear.
They are attached by means of injection modules and, like all the other wear parts, they can be maintained and replaced quickly and easily without uninstalling the pump, thanks to the QuickService principle.
Wear of the lobes, especially the lobe tips, due to foreign matter is significantly reduced by the use of the injection modules, guaranteeing you long service times and reliable pump processes. With the injection modules, you can choose between two variants:

Injection A  

  • Injection modules are installed on the suction side
  • Ideal for media with a high proportion of foreign matter
  • Pump direction can be altered after the module has been retrofitted


Injection S

  • Injection modules are installed on the discharge and suction sides
  • Reversible pump direction
  • Result: less wear and higher efficiency

The radial wear plates and injection modules are available for VX136, VX186, VX215, and VX230.