InjectionSystem is the innovative concept from Vogelsang that is ideal for when you need to convey media containing large quantities of foreign matter. In conventional rotary lobe pumps, foreign matter and solid matter are drawn in by vortex suction. This draws them past the rotating lobes and they constantly collide against the tips of the lobes. This often results in damage caused by foreign matter and greater wear on the lobe tips.

The innovative InjectionSystem directly injects foreign matter into the cavities that open between the lobes. This reduces collisions with the lobe tips. In addition, the internal seal of the pump is improved. The advantages are impressive:

  • Significantly increased resistance to foreign matter
  • Better volumetric efficiency thanks to larger wrap angle, meaning more seal lines are used
  • Better suction thanks to better volumetric efficiency, even at low speed
  • Significantly increased service time ( up to 2.5 times longer in fiel trials)
  • Low operating costs

Available in the Injection A or Injection S variants, depending on the series and model. See the product pages for more details.