Mobile pump units from Vogelsang pump everything, everywhere, anytime

Mobile pump units are the solution that allows you to react quickly and easily, just in case. Our mobile pump units provide maximum safety and independence just where you need pumping power. We combine the rotary lobe pump with a drive and chassis/transporting frame to create the mobile pump to fit your application.

Mobility, the way you need it
We have a range of different transporting frames or chassis available for different sizes, pump capacities and locations, such as:

  • Pushcart
  • Single-axle hand cart, with optional drawbar
  • Double-axle industrial trailer
  • Car trailer ccertified for road use
  • Electric cars
  • Three-point base for tractors or Unimog
  • Transporting frame with attachment points and forklift pockets

Autonomous in use
Depending on where and how the pump unit is to be used, we combine it with a drive of your choice to give you the independence you need:

  • Electric motor or geared motor, with optional variable frequency drive
  • Gasoline or diesel engine
  • Hydraulic motor drive
  • Driven by PTO shaft

If necessary, the system can be delivered with weather protection or noise-protection
cladding. It is when used as a mobile application that Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps really come into their own:

  • Compact and powerfil
  • Reliable
  • Self-priming and resistant to dry running
  • Resistant to foreign matter

For information about which drive variants are available for the individual series, see the relevant product pages. For practical examples of the pumps in action, see