Lobe variants

Lobe variants
Coating a metal core with a layer of elastomer is a simple but ingenious idea dreamt up by Vogelsang. It makes the rotary lobe pump resistant to foreign matter and resilient to high pressures, making it the ideal solution for numerous areas of application. When developing new elastomers and producing our pistons, we always work together with experienced specialist companies that can guarantee us constant quality at the highest level.
In a hot vulcanisation process, these specialists coat the lobe core with compounds that are especially suited to our rotary lobe pumps. This allows us to tailor each pump to the medium in question.

The HiFlo® lobe
Many manufacturers use rotary lobes as pumping elements because they are easy and cheap to produce. However, rotary lobes generate multiple pressure surges each time they revolve. The resulting pulsation has a very negative impact on the performance of rotary lobe pumps.

The HiFlo lobe developed by Vogelsang, with its wings twisted at a defined angle along the axis, eliminates the causes of these pressure surges and is therefore pulsation-free. This state-of-the-art technology enables highly efficient and pulsation-free pumping and stands out for the following reasons:

  • Greater capacities thanks to higher limiting speeds
  • Better suction thanks to reduced cavitation
  • Self-priming up to 8 metres of water
  • Higher pressures thanks to avoidance of pulsation related pressure peaks

For information about the coatings, materials and lobe designs available for the pump series, see the relevant product pages.