HiFlo lobes for rotary lobe pumps

Vogelsang HiFlo lobes guarantee pulsation-free pumping
Vogelsang HiFlo lobes guarantee pulsation-free pumping

Conventional rotary lobe pumps are equipped with straight lobes, because they are easy to produce.

Inherently they pump unequally, the media is accelerated and decelerated in the pipe. That causes pulsation: pressure alterations with each rotation.

Finally pulsation is the reason for vibrations and oscillations, that claim considerably bearings, drive elements and pipework and decrease their life-time. At the same time the requested energy for the acceleration gets lost, these losses of accelerating reduce the efficiency.

Developing the pulsation free HiFlo lobes, Vogelsang solved this problem and improved the performance of rotary lobe pump on the suction and pressure site.

  • higher efficiency by avoiding acceleration losses
  • gentle pumping and low vibration operation
  • greater capacities thanks to higher limiting speeds
  • higher pressure by avoiding pulsation-related pressure peaks
  • better suction thanks to reduced cavitation