Drive variants

There are various possible uses for a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump. And for this reason, the drive variants are just as varied. You can choose between electrical or geared motor; controlled by variable frequency drive or connected directly. Or using a combustion engine or hydraulic motor. Or simply and directly via a cardan shaft. Our product pages show you what options the individual series can offer you and what the relevant construction looks like.

Innovative gearbox for optimum adjustment of the pump speed

The innovative 3-speed gearbox adjusts the pump speed to flexible working widths, travel speeds, spreading capacities and motor speeds. This saves energy and costs. In addition, it can reduce noise pollution. Combined with the 750 or 1000 series power take-off, the gearbox provides smooth gear shifting for the rotary lobe pump.
The sturdy gearbox has a compact design and can be installed in vehicles without taking up much space. If the system is combined with Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, the flow direction can be reversed. This makes it possible to reduce the piping on the tank and the number of slide valves compared to a conventional design.

3-speed gearbox - compact and powerful

  • Ideal pump speed range adjusted to the various operating conditions
  • Lower energy consumption and noise emissions thanks to optimum motor speed
  • Space-saving and easy installation of pump with different gearbox installation positions in 45 degree steps
  • Cost and weight reductions due to savings on pipes and slide valves
  • Three gear ratios with large spread
  • Optional reversal of rotation:
    three forward speeds or
    two forward speeds and one reverse speed
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic shifting for filling/spreading from the tractor cabin
  • Smooth gear shifting with a 750 or 1000 series power take-off