Quality-Cartridge: sealing technology for professionals

The Vogelsang Quality Cartridge represents the latest in sealing technology. It is completely preassembled in the plant, checked using computers and is ready for use immediately. Thanks to its unique construction, it covers all seal components and makes it possible to replace all the sealing elements when changing the gasket, for safety reasons. As such the Quality Cartridge provides:

  • Protection against sudden failure of the gasket
  • Avoiding fatal pump and gear damage

The Quality Cartridge is produced completely automatically and checked in the plant and it can be replaced quickly and easily on site: this prevents installation errors and saves time. For you, this means:

  • Quciker and easier replacement of the shaft seal
  • Secure start-up after changing the gasket

You can reliably secure against premature failure and downtime due to improper installation.



For every application the perfect solution


Because every application is different and has different sealing requirements, we also offer special features here for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in sewage treatment and biogas plants, in the agricultural and waste management sectors, the chemical and food industries or in supplying drinking water. These features include:

  • Block ring version for media containing large amounts of fobrous matter
  • Silicon and tungsten carbides coats for abrasive applications
  • TA-Luft compliant as a double mechanical seal

Various monitoring and flushing options complement the broad range:

  • Pressurised buffer chamber
  • Flushing the buffer chamber
  • Flushing of the individual gasket
  • Control space between the buffer chamber and gearbox