Application areas

By constantly developing our pump technology further, we have built up a technological lead and have become the international market leader in elastomer-coated rotary lobe pumps. We offer rotary lobe pumps with capacities of up to 1,200 m3/h or with a differential pressure of up to 16 bar. Thanks to their excellent characteristics, these pumps are used in numerous areas, such as:

Pumped fluids & range of applications

Media Application areas

•Waste water Sewage and waste water treatment
•Blood Sewage pumping stations
•Organic suspension Railway industry
•Liming Building industry
•Thin sludge Biogas plants
•Emulsion Ground decontamination
•Faecal matter Chemical industry
•Digested sludge Diposal vehicles
•Grease Disposal and recycling vehicles
•Liquid feedstuffs Vehicle construction
•Gelatine Liquid feedstocks
•Plaster slurry Fruit processing industry
•Liquid manure Potato processing industry
•Potato pulp Ceramic industry
•Ceramic slip
•Sewage sludge
•Milk products
•Mineral oils
•Fruit mash
•Refinery sludge
•Contents of animal stomachs
•Cement slurry
•Centrifuge discharge