CavityComfort progressive cavity pump

Progress thanks to quick and easy service

With the CavityComfort (CC) progressive cavity pump, Vogelsang has expanded its product portfolio with regard to positive displacement pumps. In the process, the trusted concept of the progressive cavity pump was decisively improved: Thanks to its innovative design, the CC series sets new standards while making service and maintenance work significantly quicker. And yet, the pumps require even less space than previously. Thanks to the new design, it is no longer necessary to disassemble parts of the inflow or discharge pipes. It's not even necessary to disconnect the pipe connection. 

Reliable each and every day
The CC series has been developed for applications which have tough conditions and where long downtimes for service and maintenance are unacceptable. Its sturdy design forms the basis for harsh applications in which highly viscous, abrasive media and media with high levels of foreign matter must be pumped. All essential parts, including the seal, can be quickly and easily replaced so the pump is soon ready for use once again.

Fast replacement of parts
The CC series offers many options for replacing parts. If the pump needs to
be operational again as quickly as possible, the stator and rotor are
removed as a single unit and exchanged for a replacement unit. It is equally possible
to replace the entire rotating unit (stator, rotor and cardan shaft). The tried-and-trusted cartridge mechanical seal is used for the pump shaft seal. It is preassembled and can be replaced after the cardan shaft is removed
through the pump chamber. Alternatively, it can be exchanged after the parallel shaft geared motor is disassembled without opening the pump.

CC series: Innovative and progressive

  • Quick and easy service
  • Little space required for service
  • Sealing change without opening the pump
  • Many options for replacing parts