Case studies


Interview with an expert

Interview with an expert

Vogelsang spoke with Dr. agr. Joachim Bischoff, State Institute for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture Saxony-Anhalt, about the use of strip-till technology and its further development. [more]



XTill® up close

The XTill® up close

Here you can experience the XTill up close.[more]



XTill® in action

XTill<sup>®</sup>in action

Observe the XTill®< at work in the field. The ground is optimally prepared, thanks to precise strip soil cultivation.[more]



XTill® used for the first time

XTill<sup>®</sup> used for the first time

After green rye has been harvested, Janssen agricultural contractors work the field with the XTill® to prepare it for the sowing of maize seeds. The working width is 6m, while the distance between maize rows is 75cm.[more]



The XTill® in operation

The XTill<sup>®</sup> in operation

Watch the XTill® in its first field test and see how soil cultivation with the Strip Till method works.[more]