Service training

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Is there no training course for a specific subject, or do you want a training course close to you? Then contact us. We welcome comments from you.

We regularly run service training courses, on VogelsangĀ“s full product range, at our facility in Crewe.
The training usually comprises:

  • classroom teaching, using visual aids
  • practical experience in our workshop, in which the attendee will fully participate. (Tools and PPE can be provided).

Attendees will be given full written and/or electronic documentation on the specific products on which they have been trained. Certificates, to confirm the training which has been given, can also be provided.

Training can also be undertaken at the end userĀ“s site, provided that there are adequate facilities to do so. If you are interested in attending one of these training courses, please contact: 

Tracy Colquitt

phone: 01270 216600