XTill VarioCrop

Strip Till system for any type of crop

With the XTill VarioCrop, strip tillage with root-level liquid manure fertilization can be done for any type of crop. Row spacing can be easily changed from 45 cm to 75 cm. The row spacing of the compact units is easy to change. Each individual unit consists of five tools.

XTill system layout:

  • A coulter blade cuts open the surface and ensures depth guidance
  • Two depth-guided star-notched disk blades remove plant remains from the strips
  • A loosening/fertilizing plowshare loosens the soil to the desired depth. Liquid manure is deposited at root level using an injector.
  • Two ridging disks form a furrow of finely crumbled soil and can be adjusted on three levels in relation to the injector tine
  • Two press rollers give the furrow a robust v-form, creating fine soil at the same time



You can find further information, videos and reports from the field at xtill.info



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