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Agritechnica 2017: Vogelsang presents new developments in liquid manure handling and smart farming

• Lightweight aluminum rotary lobe pump for versatile use • Flow Performance Monitor for sowing • ISOBUS-compatible control of Compax dribble bar linkage

The rotary lobe pumps in the VX series are made of aluminium and suitable for versatile use because of their lower weight.

Flow Performance Monitor: The clogging sensor monitors the flow through the discharge hose of the seed drill.

The optimized flow characteristics of the DosiMat DMX result in even better distribution accuracy.

Essen (Oldb.), August, 28, 2017 – At Agritechnica (November 12-18, 2017) in Hanover, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting its entire range of easy to maintain machines for the agricultural sector at booth B25 in hall 22 – for the first time with a new visual booth concept. In addition to its proven dribble bar and trailing shoe technology for liquid manure spreading, Vogelsang will be introducing new technological developments for agriculture. With the DosiMat DMX precision distributor, Vogelsang assists farmers with precise liquid manure spreading. The Flow Performance Monitor provides reliable monitoring of volume flows in liquid manure applications, and can now also be used in pneumatic sowing and fertilizing applications. Another significant innovation is the ISOBUS-compatible Performance Control Unit for simple monitoring and control of dribble bar linkages, starting with the Compax dribble bar linkage. This year's presentation also features exceptionally lightweight rotary lobe pumps made from aluminum. “We're listening to our customers and are developing Vogelsang technology continuously to meet increasingly demanding requirements. With our innovative new products at Agritechnica, we are helping farmers to work with even greater precision and consequently greater efficiency,” says Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Vogelsang.

Lightweight pump technology for vehicles
Vogelsang now offers pump housings and lobe cores made of aluminum for rotary lobe pumps in the VX series. With their significantly lower weight, these aluminum pumps are especially suitable for use on tanker vehicles in agriculture and for road transportation. This allows transportation companies to increase the payload and meet strict requirements for transportation weights. Depending on the model and combination, the design with the gearbox housing, bearing seal housing, QuickService cover, and lobe core all in aluminum can save users up to 122.5 kg of weight. Vogelsang pumps in the VX series reliably convey abrasive and highly viscous media containing foreign and fibrous matter. Their flow direction can be reversed easily. VX pumps are therefore ideal for filling and draining tanks.

Clogging sensor for pneumatic seed drills and fertilizer spreading
The proven Flow Performance Monitor for reliable monitoring of the flow of liquid manure can now also be used with sowing equipment. With this development, Vogelsang is moving into an entirely new agricultural sector. This innovative device is aimed at users of pneumatic drills and fertilizer spreaders. The sensor does not rely on optical sensors and is made from wear-resistant steel. It is installed on the discharge hose of the seed drill and monitors the flow through the hose. If the discharge hose becomes clogged, the sensor detects this immediately and displays the fault directly on the display in the driver's cab so the problem can be remedied. The Flow Performance Monitor has a long service life due to its heavy-duty construction.

ISOBUS-compatible control for dribble bar linkages
Vogelsang has simplified liquid manure spreading and the handling of dribble bar linkages with the Performance Control Unit, which is ISOBUS-compatible for this application. At Agritechnica the control system for this area will be presented for the first time with the Compax dribble bar system. The Performance Control Unit works with any ISOBUS-compatible self-propelled vehicle. The control unit uses the existing display in the driver's cab and adapts itself to it, eliminating the need for an additional display. Handling is intuitive and language-neutral, making the unit particularly user-friendly. The functions that can be performed via the display include boom folding and unfolding, slope compensation, and section control. Additional functions developed in future will be able to be added easily by means of an update.

Additional precision distributor for liquid manure spreading
The liquid manure market is demanding larger and more variable spreading capacities. Liquid manure technology is becoming more and more professional, requiring machines that can satisfy these high demands. This is why Vogelsang developed the DosiMat DMX precision distributor. The use of a curved, pressure-proof, break-proof plastic cover creates a housing with greater volume, designed to satisfy exactly those demands. Its flow characteristics have been optimized considerably, resulting in even better distribution accuracy. The use of plastic in the cover reduces its weight, making maintenance easier.

Technology for efficient operation of biogas plants
Vogelsang comes to the aid of biogas plant operators with the BIOGASmax concept for systematic consultation to increase the efficiency of existing biogas plants. Vogelsang will present technology for solid matter feeding and disintegration, including the PreMix and EnergyJet. These solutions for solid matter feeding are suitable for an extremely wide range of substrates, from energy crops to organic waste. With the DisRuptor, moreover, Vogelsang will display a system for mechanical disintegration in biogas plants which has received an Innovation Award EnergyDecentral 2016 in silver, and will announce results from field trials.

Vogelsang at Agritechnica, November 12-18, 2017, Hannover Messe: hall 22, booth B25

For press representatives, there will be the possibility of personal meetings at the Vogelsang booth. Please contact the contact persons of Vogelsang or VOCATO to arrange an appointment.

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