The dribble hose system for efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly applications with working widths of up to 33 metres.

Large working widths involve very large dynamic stresses on the dribble bar linkage. The design of SwingMax3 ensures optimum absorption of these stresses. The special double-frame design is able to deal with maximum loads, thereby ensuring trouble-free, cost-effective operation for you. And we also made sure to keep the weight of the linkage to a minimum, despite the huge working width, so that it does not put too much strain on the team. The clever interaction between the hydraulic and mechanical components and the sequential controls in the SwingMax3 ensure secure and speedy opening and retracting.
We gave a lot of thought to making the hinge motion smooth to keep the strains from moving the linkage as small as possible. The centrepiece of SwingMax3 is the ExaCut precision distributors installed on the booms, which can be configured to meet the customer's needs. The positioning of the precision distributors ensures quick and easy access at any time for maintenance work.

SwingMax3 provides professional technology for the most stringent requirements, suitable for agricultural contractors, machinery pools and large agricultural operations. SwingMax3 ensures maximum economic efficiency at all times.

SwingMax: our very best dribble hose.

  • TopSwing, TeleShift and DropStop
  • double frame for maximum stresses
  • working widths of 18/21/24/27/28/30/33 metres