SwingMax 36

Impact and flexibility with working widths of up to 36 metres

Use 36 metre traffic lanes with maximum impact for applying liquid manure.
SwingMax 36 advances to a new dimension of liquid manure application. For the first time, it's now possible to spread organic fertiliser evenly at a working width of 36 metres. This makes it possible to use the traffic lanes from field sprayers and also to work large fields quickly. This saves money and time and protects the soil by keeping vehicle transits to a minimum.

SwingMax 36 is also designed for maximum flexibility. Intelligent part width section management means that the linkage can be adjusted flexibly to working widths from 24 to 36 metres. This is made possible by the TeleShift and TopSwing elements.

SwingMax 36 is a completely new design based on the tried-and-tested SwingMax3 dribble bar linkage. The framework was designed as a triple construction due to the huge working width and an additional folding element was added. Liquid manure application is driven by three ExaCut precision distributors.

SwingMax 36 is the liquid manure spreading system for agricultural contractors who want to work maximum field sizes flexibly.

  • double TopSwing, TeleShift and DropStrop
  • part width section management of24/27/30/33/36 metres
  • maximum working width of 36 metres