XRipper XRS: Protection and processing with maximum ease of maintenance

The XRipper XRS is your easy to maintain solution if you want to efficiently treat and reduce coarse and high-volume foreign and solid matter to an unproblematic size.
Fluid passes through the intermeshing XRipper rotors largely unhindered, flowing between the XRipper rotors and the housing. Solid matter and foreign matter are collected by the XRipper rotors and automatically drawn in and shredded.
Whether it's textiles, bulk materials, wood, or plastic in municipal wastewater or bones, fruit, vegetables, or other waste from production: sturdy construction in a proven twin-shaft design and an extensive range of features and options make for a cost-effective solution for virtually any application. The size-reduction ratio is adjusted by modifying the width and contour of the XRipper blades.
Thanks to its easy to maintain design, all maintenance and servicing work can be carried out quickly and simply on site without dismounting the XRipper.