XRP: Reliable protection in a minimum of space

If you need to carry out shredding in a tight space and barely have room to install a macerator, let alone service and maintain it, the XRP is what you need. The motor mounted above the XRipper keeps the required footprint to a minimum and allows simple, installation even in narrow shafts.

Fluid passes largely unhindered through the XRipper XRP thanks to the generous dimensions of its housing, while it reliably shreds coarse and high-volume matter contained in the wastewater, such as textiles, wood, and plastic bags, reducing them to an unproblematic size. With low speeds and high torque, the XRipper only requires low drive power to efficiently prevent clogging, blockages and damage to downstream pumps and valves.

Meanwhile the clever design concept ensures good accessibility when maintenance work is required: the entire functional unit is simply lifted out while the machine body remains firmly screwed onto the pipe.