XRipper XRC with Sewer Integration Kit (SIK)

Efficient shredding of coarse matter such as textiles, wood, and plastic in the wastewater channel

The XRipper XRC SIK (Sewer Integration Kit) is ideal for installation in wastewater channels, e.g. with intake or infeed facilities, etc. The SIK positions the XRipper XRC right in front of the intake or outlet. Coarse matter such as textiles, wood, and plastic bags that is contained in the wastewater enters the XRipper XRC along with the fluid stream. The unit's monolithic XRipper rotors then draw it in automatically and reliably shred it to a manageable size. This prevents clogging, blockages, and damage to downstream pumps, valves, and units. Its intelligent control technology and sturdy design mean that it can shred even coarse matter reliably.