XRipper XRL: efficient treatment of bulk material and solid matter

The XRipper XRL is the cost-effective solution for treating coarse and high-volume bulk material or solid matter, such as food scraps, organic waste, fruit and vegetables, and waste from supermarkets or the food industry. Sturdy construction in the tried-and-tested twin-shaft design with bearings on both sides and the monolithic Xripper rotors form the basis for efficient maceration. Thanks to the large inlet, it is easy to feed in the material to be shredded. The intermeshing XRipper rotors take hold of the solid matter, draw it in, and shred it. Long-fibered material is cut to pieces by the sharp edges; coarse and brittle components are ground up. The size-reduction ratio is adjusted by modifying the width and contour of the XRipper blades. Combined with an intelligent controller, the XRL ensures continuous, efficient maceration of solid matter.