Special combination of pump and RotaCut for the food industry

Using our knowledge and experience of rotary lobe pumps and shredding technology, we have developed units to fulfil even the most challenging of tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, such as treating and pumping abattoir by-products like stomachs, intestines, the contents of the gastro-intestinal tract, ears, claws, eyes, etc.
The secret to the success of our concepts is that they are based on the ease of maintenance and long lifetimes you would expect from Vogelsang products. Depending on the task, one, two or even three cutters are combined with one VX rotary lobe pump to macerate abattoir waste into a homogeneous pulp, for example.

The Auto Cut Control System (ACC) defines the cutting pressure precisely and maintains it at a constant level, which guarantees a high level of cutting and therefore maceration performance. An intelligent control system completes the assembly. At the same time, the cutting blades automatically sharpen themselves via the regular changes in the direction of rotation, which facilitates a long service time.
Combining all this in one system enables fully automated operation. Designed in the usual compact form, the Cut&Pump systems do not take up much room so you can always find space for them. Apart from the low operating costs, they also enjoy the bonus of low investment costs.

  • Treating and homogenising residues in meat production
  • Pumping the macerated material