PreMix - How does it work?

PreMix: Design & operating principle

PreMix combines four steps within a compact, space-saving unit. The universal incorporation system is a combination of our progressive cavity pump (CC series) with the RotaCut RCX wet macerator, optionally equipped with the Debris Removal System (DRS). The cosubstrates are incorporated into the side of the system through any feed screw. At the same time, a liquid suspension (recirculated material, liquid manure) is added. In a single step, the PreMix turns this into a homogeneous organic suspension and pumps it into the digester. As the cosubstrates are mashed into a homogeneous and pumpable suspension, multiple digesters can be fed via the pipeline network with a PreMix, and additional containers¬ can easily be connected at a later time.

PreMix: Four work steps in one compact unit

Separation, mashing, treating and pumping—that is what the PreMix does for you.

1) Unlike many comparable incorporation systems, the PreMix separates out heavy material while still upstream of the integrated pump unit, which the Debris Removal System then removes during ongoing operation.

2) The PreMix mixes solid and paste-like input materials with a liquid suspension into a¬ homogeneous suspension.

3) At the same time, coarse particles and fibrous matter are shredded.

4) This means that a well-prepared suspension free of disruptive materials and foreign matter flows into the pump. This protects the pumping elements and significantly increases the service life of the pump unit.