PreMix: the all-purpose 4-in-1 solution for digester feeding

Biogas plants need to adapt continuously to current conditions, including changes in input materials. That is exactly why we developed the PreMix, which combines our CC series progressive cavity pump with the RotaCut RCX- wet macerator. This ingenious combination of four process steps in one compact, space-saving unit delivers properly treated substrates of many different kinds. Whether pasty food waste, large-volume fruit, or dry renewable materials such as straw or woody grass, the all-purpose PreMix mashes (nearly) anything with a liquid phase, separates out foreign matter, macerates coarse and fibrous components, and dispenses everything into the digester properly treated.


Advantages of PreMix at a glance 

  • Treats a wide range of cosubstrates, turning them into a well mashed, homogeneous organic suspension
  • Separates out heavy material and macerates coarse components and fibers upstream of the pump unit
  • Compact dimensions, easy to integrate
  • Feeding of multiple digesters with a single system


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