The universal and versatile concept from Vogelsang

The VX-series stands out for its ease of maintenance and the variety of sizes and designs, numerous equipment and material variants, and the various drive options and installation possibilities. The features they all share are a compact design and easy maintenance. With five series and up to eight sizes per series, a VX rotary lobe pump can be adapted to almost any delivery rate and any pressure range. They can economically pump anything that flows, and more: waste water, sludge, organic fertilisers, liquid manure, organic suspensions or chemically aggressive media, through to oil, fuel and food residues.

All VX rotary lobe pumps are designed according to the QuickService principle. You can access the pumping elements and gasket by removing the cover. Wear parts can be replaced without dismounting the unit from the pipe and without disassembling the pump. The QD version with a third bearing in the cover has excellent stability and sturdiness, even under high pressure.

Shaft guarantee
Large cross-sections and no recesses: Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps in the VX series have bend-proof and break-resistant shafts. For you, this means minimum wear, even under high pressures, and maximum safety from shaft breakage. All the VX series pumps come with a 5-year warranty against internal shaft breakage.*

VX: the all-rounder

  • Comprehensive range of features and options
  • Quick access to the pumping chamber by removing the cover
  • On-site service and maintenance
  • self-priming and resistant to dry running
  • Shaft guarantee

* When used as intended, as specified in our warranty terms and conditions

Rotary lobe pumps VX-Series


  • Capacity:
    3 - 50 m³/h

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  • Capacity:
    10 - 364 m³/h

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  • Capacity:
    20 - 1025 m³/h

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  • Capacity:
    70 - 1417 m³/h

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  • Capacity:
    60 - 1234 m³/h

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