The concept for greater cost-effectiveness due to less maintenance and service

Rapid maintenance, cost-saving service and extremely simple handling make the rotary lobe pumps in the IQ-series one-of-a-kind. The number of core spare parts was halved compared to the conventional design. This reduces the cost of replacement parts. The IQ series concepts provides further cost savings by significantly reducing the time needed for cleaning and replacing parts. IQ pumps are designed so that you need less than half the time to replace all wear parts – including rotary lobes, wear plates, the pump housing and gaskets – than you do for standard commercially available rotary lobe pumps.

Easy to integrate
The variable connector parts are suitable for the most common installation situations. As a result, pumps in the IQ series can be attached or installed quickly and easily in a wide variety of positions, without needing any special connections – including on tankers or in mobile units.

The pump housing is a complete part that can be dismounted with a few twists of the wrist, opening access to the pumping elements. This makes maintenance and inspection work easier. Lobes and gaskets can be changed in no time at all. And the pump remains completely firmly attached to the pipe.

IQ: super easy to maintain and easy to handle

  • Quick, optimum access to pumping elements
  • Pump remains firmly attached to pipe during service and maintenance
  • Integrated protection against dry running
  • Self-priming, good suction capacity
  • Easy and flexible to integrate