RoadPump – Clean and hygienic wastewater disposal of traveler buses

Vogelsang RoadPump and collecting systems for an easy and individual usage

With the rising numbers of travelers by coaches, it is becoming more and more important to think of an easy, environmental friendly and hygienic way to dispose of the wastewater. As leader in the railway sector and specialist for the wastewater disposal from trains, we transferred our knowledge to the bus sector.

The Vogelsang RoadPump is the optimal solution for the wastewater disposal of buses, because it is hygienic and fast. That way wastewater will be pumped environmentally friendly and nearly odour free into the connected sewer system or collection tank. Also quite important: The RoadPump is easy to handle – even by untrained personal.

Our tried-and-tested rotary lobe pump is the heart of this built-in vacuum disposal system. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, our pumps are resistant to dry running and extremely resistant against foreign matter. That way toilet paper, pieces of fabric or other foreign matter in the sewage won’t clog the pump and ensure free pumping of the wastewater.

Benefits of the Vogelsang RoadPump:

• Resistant to dry running
• Maximum tolerance of foreign matter
• Easy maintenance
• Easy handling & self-service
• Winter proof with an electric heating system