ExaCut precision distributor for liquid manure spreading

Maximum reliability in a small package

When it comes to space requirements, the ExaCut is unbeatable: thanks to its high performance capability, the world's smallest precision distributor is well suited for use as a central distributor or a decentralized distributor in a dribble hose or dribble shoe boom. It cuts and distributes precisely in one step. As a central distributor, it makes highly compact designs possible. And as a distributor pair in the booms, it enables large working widths. With the ExaCut, working widths of up to 36 meters and systems with up to 120 outlets are now possible. In addition, every ExaCut is equipped with a heavy material separator, so stones and metal parts can be easily removed.

ExaCut ECL

  • Rotor technology

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ExaCut ETX

  • Eccentric technology

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