DosiMat LVX central distributor for liquid manure spreading

The central distribution system with maximum precision and numerous possible configurations

The DosiMat LVC has up to 60 outlets, hose diameters up to DN60 and unmatched precision when distributing liquid manure. It can be used wherever you want a single distributor and need to spread large quantities of liquid manure through a few hoses, for example, or if the aim is to enable an unusually large number of outlets on just one centralised distribution system.
Thanks to its many variants, DosiMat LVX is perfect for liquid manure injectors, slot cutters and grubbers, or for retrofitting disc harrows.

Unmatched precision

Precise spreading is essential if liquid manure is to be used as a recyclable material. With a lateral distribution accuracy of up to 5 percent, the DosiMat LVX cannot be outdone.