SynCult – the equipment kit for the PÖTTINGER FOX 300 D for direct incorporation of liquid manure

Liquid manure spreading: environmentally responsible and nutrient-efficient

Another model that can be combined with the SynCult is the PÖTTINGER FOX 300 D short combination. It makes improvisation a thing of the past. SynCult consists of an adapter frame, the precision liquid manure distributor, discharge hoses, and the matching holders. Furthermore, fastening points for the precision distributor and the liquid manure outlets are preconfigured. This combination is currently the lightest kit available for a slurry tank; the 3 meter machine including SynCult weighing one ton.
Working liquid manure and digestates directly into the soil using cultivators and disk harrows reduces nutrient losses to almost 0%. It also makes for easy compliance with the four-hour rule (as applicable in Germany) and halves the number of passes across the field.
As no welding or machining is required, the full warranty for the PÖTTINGER FOX 300 D remains valid.