SynCult – the complete set for the Köckerling Rebell classic disk harrow for incorporation of liquid manure

Efficient way of incorporating liquid manure, designed for the Köckerling Rebell classic disk harrow

With the Rebell classic disk harrow from Köckerling, Vogelsang provides another model that can be combined with the SynCult equipment kit for liquid manure. This turns tillage and liquid manure spreading into a single step, in which liquid manure and digestates are incorporated into the soil without delay. Not only does this minimize nutrient runoff, it also saves time and money, reduces the number of passes across the field, and also complies with the four-hour rule for liquid manure incorporation (as applicable in Germany).
The SynCult complete set for the Köckerling disk harrow includes an adapter frame on which a distributor head is fastened. Both the DosiMat LVX and the ExaCut ECL precision distributors can be used. These precision distributors distribute the liquid manure evenly to the individual hose outlets. These hose outlets are positioned in an ideal way so that the liquid manure is deposited directly behind the first disk, before then being incorporated at the same time as the soil is loosened. Furthermore, fastening points for the distributor and the liquid manure outlet are preconfigured on the adapter frame, guaranteeing good work results and a long lifetime. With row spacing of 13 cm and hose spacing of 26 cm, direct liquid manure incorporation with the Köckerling Rebell classic disk harrow supplies the plants with the nutrients of the liquid manure over a large area.
Köckerling provides a full warranty for the disk harrow because neither welding nor machining is needed in order to use the SynCult with the equipment.