SynCult – easily equip the Horsch Joker disk harrow for incorporation of liquid manure

Large-area incorporation of liquid manure for efficient use of liquid manure nutrients

SynCult means no more complicated assembly work! This kit makes it easy to mount the liquid manure attachment on tillage equipment. The fastening points for the precision distributor and the liquid manure outlets are preconfigured, making SynCult easy to install.
The precision distributor evenly and reliably distributes the liquid manure into the individual hose outlets. The hose layout is perfectly matched to the tillage equipment and deposits the liquid manure in front of the harrow's disks so it can be incorporated directly into the soil. This allows maximum utilization of the nutrients, makes it easy to comply with the four-hour rule for incorporation (as applicable in Germany), and reduces nutrient losses to almost 0%. Furthermore, combining these two steps saves you time and money, and reduces the number of passes across the field. As no welding or machining is required, the full warranty for the Horsch Joker short disk harrow remains valid.