SynCult – Equip the Farmet Softer disk harrow for large-area liquid manure incorporation

Efficient spreading technology for optimum use of nutrients

SynCult Farmet SofterThe Farmet Softer disk harrow represents another model that can be combined with the Vogelsang SynCult. SynCult is a complete set consisting of an adapter frame, a liquid manure precision distributor, discharge lines and appropriate brackets. The fastening points for the precision distributor and liquid manure outlet are predetermined on the short disk harrow. The precision distributor homogeneously distributes the liquid manure into the discharge hoses. These hoses are installed according to a precise plan, which ensures trouble-free spreading. The liquid manure outlet pipes deposit the liquid manure right in front of the disks, allowing it to be incorporated immediately without producing a lot of emissions. This type of spreading technology reduces the number of crossings, saves time and money and makes it easy to comply with the four-hour rule for liquid manure incorporation. To set up SynCult, no welding or other machining work is necessary. This means that the warranty for the Farmet Softer disk harrow remains unaffected.