SynCult - complete set for equipping tillage units for large-area liquid manure incorporation

2 in 1 - the system for liquid manure spreading

Working liquid manure and fermentation substrates directly into the soil using cultivators and disk harrows saves you time and money, reduces the number of crossings and makes it possible to comply with the four-hour rule for liquid manure incorporation. With SynCult, there's no need to improvise any more: SynCult is a complete set consisting of an adapter frame, a liquid manure precision distributor, discharge lines and appropriate brackets. The fastening points for the precision distributor and the liquid manure outlet are predetermined, guaranteeing good work results and a long lifetime for the liquid manure system on the tillage equipment.
Currently, SynCult can be installed on the AMAZONE Catros pro compact disk harrow. SynCult can be customized to fit tillage equipment from other manufacturers.
To install SynCult, no welding or machining on the Catros pro compact disk harrow is necessary, so the warranty for the tillage equipment remains unaffected.