Double pump station

The Vogelsang double pump station is the centrepiece of the waste water disposal system. From here, the vacuum is created centrally, then transferred via the pipes to the service modules, which use it to suction waste water out of the tanks. More than 100 service modules can be supplied with vacuum from one double pump station.

The double pump station consists of two redundant Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps. They generate the vacuum by means of a positive displacement pumping principle with no additional vacuum tanks, valves or controls. The integrated pump control monitors the vacuum in the network constantly. If the vacuum drops below a limit value, the pump starts, conveys the medium or readjusts the vacuum. The conveyed waste water quantities are transferred by the double pump station pumps directly into the sewage system.
The double pump station is designed redundantly. Each of the two integrated pumps can be isolated from the system for maintenance or repairs. This ensures safe and trouble-free operation. The system is completely enclosed, preventing any unpleasant odours.