Recording and evaluation of data with UICScan

Scan and analyze rail vehicles in train station and maintenance areas

Do you know where your passenger train cars are currently located or do you need an overview of vehicles in service and maintenance stations or in washing bays?

With UICScan you can plan reliably and economically. Meanwhile you can integrate UICscan without any inconveniences for all of your rail coaches.
UICScan is capable of detecting these car numbers using an optical system. This uniquely identifies the car driving past and pinpoints its location.
The special dual camera is equipped with special lighting, so that the rail coaches can be registered clearly even at night. The system records the numbers on both sides of the vehicle.
This way UICScan can easily be integrated into train station or depot operations. It is not necessary for the train to reduce its speed in the train station or depot. UICScan reliably registers the vehicle number at pass-through speeds of up to 80 km/h.
As an axle counter is integrated which documents the speed apart from the vehicle number.
Furthermore UICScan is compatible with VEBSys, the Vogelsang train information system. VEBSys enables online, realtime representation of the vehicles in question.
Typical areas where it is used include train entry and exit points at train station, as as service and maintenance stations or washing bays in whicht third-party cars areconcerned and for which the costs must be calculated individually.